الكلمات الأكثر شيوعا في اللغة الاندونيسية



      English Translation

ada v. = there is, there are; to have; to be
adalah  (1) p. = was; were; am; is; are; to be; there was
adalah  (2) n. = equation mark; equal sign
agar p. = in order to; in order that; so that; for
air n. = water; juice; liquid; fluid
akan p. = will; shall
akibat n. = result; consequence; outcome; effect; impact
aku pron. = I, me; myself
anak n. = child; offspring; issue
anda pron. = you; your
antara p. = among; between; intermediate
apa p. = what; which; whether; if; or
atas  (1) p. = for; about; according to
atas  (2) p. = upper; above; over; onto; aloft; up
atau p. = or; nor
bagi  (1) adv. = for; regarding; in order to; on behalf of
bagi  (2) n. = share; fraction; part; portion
bagian n. = portion; part; share; fraction; piece; section
bagus adj. = good; fine; splendid; excellent
bahkan adv. = moreover; in fact; what is more; even; yes
bahwa p. = that; a conjunction word
baik adj. = good; well; nice; fine
banyak adj. = much; many; numerous; considerable; a lot
barang n. = things; goods; luggage; items; objects; articles
baru  (1) adj. = new; fresh; recent; novel
baru  (2) adj. = only; just
beberapa adj. = several; some; a few; various
begitu p. = like that; in that manner; such; so
belum adv. = not yet; maybe later
benar adj. = real; right; correct; valid; honest; true
bersama v. = being together; with; joint; similar; common
besar adj. = big; great; large; sizeable; great
biasa adj. = usual; ordinary; normal; common; general
bila p. = when; if
bisa  (1) adj. = able; capable; possible; can; may
bisa  (2) n. = poison; venom
boleh adv. = may; can; possibly; allowed; perhaps; could
buah n. = fruit; an object like a fruit; a piece; a unit
bukan adv. = no; not; false; just the opposite
cara n. = way; manner; method; procedure; means
cepat adj. = fast; quick; rapid; swift; speedy
cukup adj. = sufficient; enough; ample; adequate
dalam p. = in; on; within; into; inside; deep
dan p. = and; plus
dapat  (1) adv. = can; able to; possible; may
dapat  (2) v. = to get; obtain; find; acquire
dari p. = from; than; of; through; since
datang v. = to come; arrive
dengan p. = with; by; by means of; in
depan  (1) adv. = upcoming; in the future; in front
depan  (2) n. = the front; the future; the facing side
di p. = at, on, in, to
dia  (ia) pron. = he; she; him; her; it
dilakukan v.pass = did; done; carried out; undertaken
diri  (1) n. = self; oneself; person
diri  (2) v. = to stand; to be standing up
dulu  (dahulu) adv. = formerly; earlier; previous; before; ago; in the past
hal n. = situation; condition; circumstance; matter
hanya adv. = just; merely; only; simply
harga n. = price; cost; value
hari n. = day
harus adv. = must; should; obliged to; have to; imperative
hati n. = heart; liver; emotional center; inner self
hidup  (1) v. = to have life; to be living; to be alive; to exist
hidup  (2) adj. = alive; living; existing; animate
hingga  (1) p. = up to; as far as; until
hingga  (2) n. = border; boundary; limits; end
ia (dia) pron. = he; she; it
ingin v. = to desire; want; covet; wish for
ini p. = this; these; here
itu p. = that; those
jadi  (1) v. = to happen; occur; take place; become; to be
jadi  (2) p. = so; thus; therefore; consequently
jalan  (1) n. = street; road; path; way; course; journey; career
jalan  (2) n. = manner; method; way of doing
jangan p. = don't; do not; must not; can't
jauh adj. = far; distant; far away; off; away
jelas adj. = clear; distinct; settled; obvious
jika p. = if; when; as long as; provided that
juga adv. = too; also; as well as; still; yet; either
jumlah n. = sum; total; amount; quantity; tally
juta n. = million; one million  (1,000,000)
kalau p. = if; when; on the condition that
kali  (1) n. = river; stream
kali  (2) n. = time; occurrence; time period
kami pron. = we; us; our (excluding the persons talked to)
kamu pron. = you
karena p. = because; therefore; cause; reason
kata  (1) n. = word; term; saying; phrase; remark
kata  (2) v. = said; spoke; stated
ke p. = towards; in direction of; to
kecil adj. = little; small; insignificant; dinky
kecuali p. = besides; except for; but for; only; just
kembali  (1) v. = to return; to go back; coming back
kembali  (2) p. = you're welcome; short form of "terima kasih kembali"
kemudian adv. = afterwards; later on; then; after; subsequently
kepada p. = to; toward; for
kepala n. = head; headman; chief
kerja n. = work; labor; job; occupation; employment
ketika  (1) n. = a moment; time; a point in time
ketika  (2) adv. = when; while
khusus adj. = special; uncommon; peculiar; especial; exceptional
kini adv. = now; today; presently; currently
kita pron. = us; we; our (including the listener)
ku  (aku) pron. = I, me, my (short form of "aku")
kurang adv. = insufficient; not enough; lacking; deficient
lagi  (1) p. = more; again; another; additional; afresh; anew
lagi  (2) p. = while; during; in the middle of
lain adj. = other; different; distinct
lalu  (1) adj. = last; previous; past
lalu  (2) adv. = then; and so
lalu  (3) v. = to pass; pass through; go by; lapse; take place
lama adj. = long duration; lasting; stale; old
langsung  (1) adj. = direct; nonstop; straight through
langsung  (2) adv. = immediately; forthwith; at once; outright
luar adv. = out; outside; outer; beyond; external; exterior
maka p. = so; then; therefore; thus; a conjunction word
makan v. = to eat; consume food
makanan n. = a meal; food; provisions
makin adv. = increasingly; more and more; all the more
malam n. = night; night time; evening
mampu adj. = able; capable; affordable; wealthy; rich; powerful
mana p. = which; where; how; what
masalah n. = question; issue; matter; problem; trouble
masih adv. = still; yet; as yet; even though
masuk v. = to enter; go in; come in
mata  (1) n. = eye
mata  (2) n. = source; nucleus; core; essence
mau p. = wish; will; want; desire
maupun p. = although; in spite of
melakukan v. = to implement; carry out; execute; do; perform
melalui p. = through; via; by way of
memang adv. = indeed; yes; actually; naturally; certainly; of course; an affirming word
memberi v. = to give; allow; grant
memberikan v. = to give; give away; hand over; confer; render
membuat v. = to build; make; prepare; produce; manufacture
memiliki v. = to own; possess; have
mencari v. = to search; seek; look for; pursue
mengatakan v. = to say; tell; state; express; announce; remark
menjadi v. = to become; happen; to be born; to be
menurut p. = according to; pursuant
merasa v. = to feel; sense; taste; think; believe
mereka pron. = they; them; their
merupakan v. = to shape; model; form; constitute
mudah adj. = easy; simple; facile; quick; convenient
mulai v. = to begin; start; commence; trigger
mungkin adv. = maybe; possible; possibly; perhaps; might; may
naik v. = to ascend; climb; rise; go up; ride up; ride; mount
nama n. = name; appellation; title
namun p. = yet; even though; still; even if; although
nanti  (1) adv. = later; at a future time
nanti  (2) v. = to wait; wait for
nanti  (3) v. = will; shall; going to
oleh p. = by means of; because of; by
orang n. = person; human being
pada  (1) adj. = enough; sufficient
pada  (2) p. = at; in; by; on; according to
paling adj. = extreme; utmost; most; most extreme
perlu  (1) adv. = must; obliged to; have to; required
perlu  (2) adj. = important; indispensable; necessary; essential
perlu  (3) p. = for
perlu  (4) v. = to need; require
pernah adv. = have been; once; already; ever
pertama adj. = first; foremost; premier; primary; chief
pula p. = again; also; too
pulang v. = to return; come home; go back; go home
punya v. = to own; possess; have; has
pusat n. = central place; center; focus; focal point
saat n. = a moment; a short time; while; during
saja  (1) adv. = just; merely; only; exclusively
saja  (2) adv. = an emphasis word; very; extremely
saja  (3) adv. = also; too
salah  (1) n. = a mistake; an error; an inaccuracy
salah  (2) adj. = erroneous; wrong; faulty; mistaken; false
sama adj. = same; similar; identical; alike; equal
sambil p. = while; during; at the same time
sampai  (1) p. = until; up to; as far as; yet
sampai  (2) v. = to accomplish; achieve; reach; finish; arrive
sangat adj. = exceedingly; extreme; intense; very
saya pron. = I; me; my
sebab p. = because; cause; since
sebagai adv. = as; like; similar to
sebelum adv. = before; preceding; in advance of; antecedent
sebuah n. = a piece of; a; an; inanimate classifier
secara p. = a method; manner; way; by means of
sedang  (1) adv. = while; still; whereas; even though; even if; is; are; am
sedang  (2) adj. = average; medium; intermediate; moderate
sedikit adj. = little; few; a bit; not much
segera adv. = soon; promptly; immediately; early
sehingga p. = so that
sejak  (semenjak) p. = since; from
sekali  (1) p. = very; much so; quite
sekali  (2) p. = once; one time; singular
sekalipun p. = although; even though; even if; notwithstanding
sekarang adv. = now; presently; currently; at this time
sekitar  (1) adv. = about; around; approximately
sekitar  (2) n. = surroundings; environs
selalu adv. = always; continuously; forever; invariably
selama adv. = during; while; as long as; for the duration of
seluruh adv. = all; throughout; an entirety; a whole group
sementara adv. = during; while; whereas; meanwhile; temporary
semua adv. = entire group; all; whole
sendiri adj. = self; alone; lone; personal; private
seperti p. = such as; like; akin; as if; as
sering adj. = often; frequently; a lot
serta p. = along with; as well as; together with; including
sesuai adj. = suitable; proper; agreeable; fitting; appropriate
sesuatu adj. = something; some; any
setelah adv. = after; subsequent to
setiap p. = each; every; per
siap adj. = ready; prepared; finished; poised
= a question word meaning:  who; whom; whose
sini p. = here; this place
suatu n. = one; any; an; a; some; a certain one
sudah adv. = done; already finished
tahu v. = to know; to be aware of
tak p. = no; not; short form of "tidak"
tanpa adv. = without; not having
tapi  (tetapi) p. = but; still; yet; however
telah adv. = already; by now
tempat n. = a place; room; location; locality; locale; position; site
tengah  (1) n. = middle; center; half way; midst
tengah  (2) adv. = in process; during; while; still
tentang p. = about; concerning; regarding; with respect to
terhadap p. = regarding; concerning; with respect to; facing
terjadi v. = to have happened; taken place; occurred; existed
terlalu adv. = very; too much; excessive; exceedingly; extremely
termasuk v. = included; contained; belonging to; inclusive
tersebut v. = above mentioned; referred to; named
terus adv. = directly; forward; through; continuous
tetapi  (tapi) p. = but; still; yet; however
tiba v. = to arrive; to come
tidak adv. = no; not; nay
tinggi adj. = high; lofty; exalted; tall
uang n. = money; wealth
untuk p. = for; to; in order to; by way of
waktu  (1) n. = time; moment; point in time; term
waktu  (2) adv. = when (referring to previous time)
yaitu  (jaitu) adv. = namely; that is
yang p. = that; which; who

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